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Are you ready to take the next step in your publishing journey? Choosing an illustrator is an important step in the publishing process, good illustrations can make your book more fun to look at and read. Colors and shapes spark children's imaginations and following the character along the story gives them a deeper connnection to your book.


I like to know your inital thoughts of the story before I get started with my first brainstorm of ideas. From there I work on rough inspirational sketches and work on a mood board to create a consistent feeling and mood for the book. 


I like to organizing my initial ideas to choose only the best options.


Putting together all of the previous creative ideas, I figure out which would be the best option for your book. I play with different angles and perspective to create fun and dynamic illustrations that are cohesive to the text.

This is an easy way to experiment with changes or other ideas together before starting the final illustration product.


After asking you about your feelings for the main character, I use all the unique traits that make the them special to create a memorable first impression for the reader.

I like to get to know the main character’s personality to create a character sheet as referance for the book. I also like to sketch out any other characters in your story.​


In this step I create a cheerful and appealing visual narrative that nvites to start reading. The illustrations compliment the story to encourage an active interpretation of each scene and immerse the readers into an imaginative world. I add clues hidden in the illustrations and fun and lovable characters to make your book remembered and to keep the excitement active throughout the story or book.


Before I get started with the storyboards, I choose shapes and lines that will define a unique style for your book.

I also create a colour pallet for a seamless feel throughout the pages and inspiring the readers to the mood of the story


After creating a cover illustration that's exciting and eye catching and satisfied with all the previous work finally completed, it’s time to enjoy the result of both text and illustrations combined to create a new world full of imagination and sensations

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Picture books

between 35-60€ per page + 70-120€ for the cover (front and back)


Prices may vary depending on the project and necessities.

Book cover + interior illustrations (middle grade + YA)

70-120€ for the cover (front and back)+ 25-50€ per illustration (in black and white)


Extra illustrations for publicity/social networks have an additional fee.

Book Cover

Front and back 70-120€


Character designs, storyboards and Illustrations include two edits. If more edits are needed there will be an extra fee depending on the work.


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