My name is Marta Taylor. I’m a children’s book illustrator from New Zealand now living in a small Mediterranean town on the coast of Spain. I grew up mixed by both cultures and had a very different childhood since I never stopped moving from one country to the other. I’ve always loved to draw, ever since I was 8, and have never stopped since. Now I dedicate to children’s illustrations and love to remember my past and represent my memories and feelings of my childhood on a piece of paper.

I feel very fortunate to have a job I have so much passion for. I started out with a very different goal from where I am now and never imagined I would start illustrating children’s books, and I am loving every moment with it. In the mornings I like to take my dog Kiwi for long walks on the coast and let my mind wonder off. This is when I get many new ideas and thoughts I want to explore! Usually, I must hurry and write it all down on paper when I’m back before I forget!

I find myself the happiest when I’m working on a good picture book that inspires me. I have always loved working with bright and happy colours, and I constantly explore new textures and techniques. I like to give my characters big expressions and a lot of movement. In particular I like drawing children, animals and the outdoors, maybe because I feel very connected to nature and go out often to new places.

When I’m not working you will probably find me baking some chocolate biscuits in the kitchen or picking wildflowers in the fields. I also love the cold in the winter and a good cup of hot chocolate while I read a book wrapped in my blanket.


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